Finding Relief from Pain

Finding relief from pain either temporary or longer lasting has always been a problem for many of us but today there is a possible solution which can bring many of us the relief we need at a cost which is reasonable. The relief which is available today comes from CBD pain relief cream and more can be discovered about this product from the website

This is a product which makes use of the CBD found in the hemp plant which previously, due to its being banned, was not available. Other names for hemp are of course cannabis or marijuana and as such the growing of hemp or the use of it for any purpose was banned in the US plus most of the other countries in the world. Today, however, some countries and states within the US are legalizing hemp for medicinal purposes and this now makes CBD widely available for use in creams and other products to bring sufferers relief from pain.

CBD is a form of cannabinoid, many of which are found in the hemp plant, including the cannabinoids which are responsible for ‘highs’ and addiction. It is now possible to recognize and separate the good cannabinoids from the bad ones which contain THC, the actual substance which causes a ‘high’. This means that not only can scientists separate the cannabinoids but they can also now grow strains of hemp with lower THC levels, making more of the plant usable for beneficial purposes.

Hemp was banned first by the US and then the rest of the world in the mid 20thcentury but has always been criticized as the ban meant losing beneficial properties the plant had to offer as well as the harmful ones. Today many countries are reviewing their bans on the plant and some, including some of the US States, are now allowing the plant to be used for medicinal purposes, a decision which is being greatly appreciated by many people suffering from chronic pain.

The full health benefits of which hemp can provide are not yet known but already many products are being introduced which have beneficial medical properties including ones which help with Alzheimer’s, arthritis and even cancer. As the use of hemp for medicinal purposes becomes more acceptable to authorities who had previously banned them, its use will not only become more popular for pain relief but also more predominant in the health industry overall, assisting with many ailments and treatments.

Some have said that hemp is perhaps the most useful of plants as not only does it have the potential to produce untold medical benefits but also can help reduce global warming as bulk can replace paper in many products. One of the main advantages of using hemp in medicines and in replacing paper is that it is easily cultivated and can be harvested twice annually whereas most plants can only be harvested once annually and of course trees take years to be replaced. It is good then that now hemp is being seen as more than just as the recreational drug marijuana.